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A community led by Dunces (external article)

20 Mar

orthodoxy1An excellent article by Hartosh Singh Bal on Open, a weekly current affairs and features magazine.

The article talks about the disturbing fact that the narrative of Sikh identity which many young Sikhs grow up with is controlled by a small section of Ultra-Conservative men, who are are generally opposed to modernity, and “who believe that the truth has already been revealed in a manner that allows for no argument also tend to believe that history can be read only in one way. It almost goes without saying that they believe they have the exclusive right to decide what the proper reading of history is”.

It futher talks about the posthumous raising of the terrorist Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, who never hesitated to use intimidation and violence to this who disagreed with him, and never enjoyed huge support among Sikhs during his lifetime, to the status of a Saint and Martyr, who whole generation of Sikh youth who have been taught to venerate and idolise.


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Image credit: The image is taken from the original article on Open magazine.